Green Conures

Ages 1 Year Olds

Our Green Conures classroom is specifically planned out for our youngest members! Activities are planned to help your young one grow in a social setting. Learning how to interact with other kids and having fun all day long. Diapers and wipes are provided by the school.

Activities may include:

  • Singing
  • Outdoor Playtime
  • Story Time
  • Imagination Activities
  • Physical Activity
  • Painting
  • Learning Colors
  • Exploring Textures
  • Wooden Toys in place of Plastic when Possible
Red Ibis

Ages 2 Year Olds

Our Red Ibis classroom is staffed with amazing, qualified teachers with years of experience. The goal for the teachers in this class is to make sure all explorers are prepared to move up to the pink flamingos class. To ensure this happens the staff helps the young ones develop behavioral management, basic language skills, and are supportive when it comes to potty training assistance. The red ibis class is designed to be an enjoyable, fun learning environment. When learning is made to be enjoyable for little ones they remember more of what they are learning because it’s intriguing to them.

Some of the activities focused on include:

  • Learning colors (English & Spanish)
  • Learning numbers 1-10 (English & Spanish)
  • Introduction to the alphabet
  • Sensory play (play-doh, rice, water etc.)
  • Supported outside play (as weather permits)
Pink Flamingos

Ages 3 Year Olds

Our energetic threes class is active and exciting. Our teachers work hard to present new activities and lesson plans weekly to keep the children engaged and wanting to learn more. The goal for this class is to challenge creativity and keep the energy level matched to the little explorers. This class is designed to prepare your child for VPK.

Activities that help do so include: 

  • Keeping a routine schedule
  • Name recognition (first & last)
  • How to use writing utensils
  • Supported outdoor play (if weather permits)
  • Music, physical education, and art
Blue Macaws

Ages 4-5 Year Olds

Our Blue Macaws students are getting ready to go to school full time. In preparation for this exciting new adventure our teachers work hard to prepare lesson plans and fun learning experiences. The teachers goal for the blue macaws is to create a fun, exciting learning environment where children feel safe and able to be themselves. We strive for the smiles on the littles faces as they walk into the classroom every day wanting to know what they’re learning next. Although we hate to see the explorers leave Rainforest Academy we can let them go in confidence knowing that we’ve taught them all they need to know to succeed on their next expedition.

The following are things we work on throughout the VPK year to ready the children:

  • Learning to spell and write their names
  • Math such as counting to 30 and early addition/subtraction
  • Learn about our country and the states as well as mention of other countries
  • Curriculum based learning
  • Supported developmentally appropriate learning play outside and inside
  • Fine motor exercises
  • Gross motor exercises
  • Music, physical education and art