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Why did you open Rainforest Academy and how will my child benefit?

So glad you asked!!


You could say running a quality focused child care center runs in my family. I was fortunate enough to spend as much time as I could with my grandmother and her center. I could see the joy she had and I too loved my time with her and the children. I knew in my heart I too wanted to run a child care center, one that would bring me joy and help the kids under my care grow.

First, we needed to find a location convenient for all our parents. The building also needed to be located in a safe area and have the ability for us to build the classrooms and play areas exactly they way we wanted. All of this came together when we found the current location at 8570 Granite Court in Fort Myers. The building is located on a dead-end street with very little traffic. A large outdoor space would be ideal for building the outdoor classroom areas we had in mind.

Second, we needed classrooms designed to be safe and conducive to learning. When you visit for your scheduled tour before enrolling, we know you too will love our classrooms. All rooms were carefully thought out including the use of a state-of-the-art video surveillance to keep your kids safe while in our care. The entire building is cleaned professionally including disinfecting all touch surfaces every night!

While your child is with us, we want them to have fun and enjoy learning. Our teachers get to know each child and what interests them so all children can grow. Social skills including building friendships with other children while learning is important. We help your child with basic learning including numbers, colors, names, animals and more. When you read the reviews about Rainforest Academy or talk to other parents you’ll quickly realize the children enrolled with us, love coming to Rainforest every day!

We look forward to meeting you and helping your child during their precious preschool years!

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